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This is the project page of Beko Pharm’s Space Pew Pew cockpit shenanigans.

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This SimPit (simulated cockpit) on a budget is mainly used to play Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, X4: Foundations and plenty of other Space Pew Pew. It utilizes many techniques and principles also found in other simulated cockpits be it flying or racing. There are some operating system specific parts but most stuff is held pretty generic for anyone.

There be dragons

This is all work in progress and not a finished product.


I like clicky and shiny buttons. Our modern world likes touch screens though. So I have to roll my own.


  • DIY headtracker with Opentrack
  • DIY button box with LCD ("MFD") display
  • DIY status indicators using a Neopixel
  • Lots of plumbing with Node-RED
  • Arduino Mega with a custom Rust daemon for driving the joystick and LEDs
  • A custom “App” written in React to drive the MFD
  • …and a Linux PC to power all the crazy 🤪


This is not a project aimed to be replicated 1:1. I encourage everyone to build something similar and we may discuss details e.g. on the Discord or some other platform. I merely show here what can be done but implementing anything yourself will be up to you.

What if I throw money at you?

No. This is a project of passion. I’m not interested or qualified in making this my job.

It’s a fascinating hobby and you may learn a lot on your own journey but it is also a rabbit hole where nobody touched ground before. There is always someone waving from below while chasing for immersion.


This project would not be possible without the work or inspiration of many others that also kept me motivated.