About this website

This is basically a more distilled version of my simulated cockpit (or short SimPit) scribbles that I wrote over the last years in various places, like on my website, the Fediverse, YouTube or even Hackaday.

It started to become a pain to redirect people here and there if they were interested in this project so I realized that a project page is in order where I could add all the details in a more cohesive way.

I’m going to update this page (and of course all my other places) as I go. There is a lot yet to build or program. Also Linux Gaming is in a wild place currently with lots of major changes happening in a relatively fast pace so many articles may be in need of constant updates to keep up with the latest developments.

About the author

The nick name is Beko Pharm and I dabble in programming, administration, linux, gaming, historical european martial arts, reenactment, live action role play, e-mobility, carhacking, simpits and… parenting?


There are various ways to follow or contact me or to comment on my stuff. I like comments. I really do. Especially the praising ones 😉 I also love to talk about how to improve stuff or make it more accessible. So if you have questions do not hestitate to contact me over one of my various channels or even over Discord.