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I can see my house - in FlightGear
I can see my house - in FlightGear

Primary Buffer Panel

Sometimes I fire up FlightGear, one of the oldest FOSS games in simulation. Since it’s a native Linux game it runs rather painless.

Every landing you walk away from is a success

Thanks to FlightGear I’m very confident that I am now capable of crashing a Cessna just about anywhere.

Head tracking is provided via UDP from a plugin. That’s all explained on https://wiki.flightgear.org/Opentrack and fairly straight forward.

I’m pretty sure that I can connect my plumbing pipeline to FlightGear as well but I never bothered so far. It is after all open source software and many plugins exist already. It’s on my bucket list 👌

Launch parameters

--addon=full-path-to-the-headtracker-folder and --generic=socket,in,60,localhost,5542,udp,opentrack for the head tracking. Both can be configured in the FlightGear though.