Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

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Approaching a planet in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
Approaching a planet in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Primary Buffer Panel

I don’t know of any API for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw but it’s a fun game with great sound tracks that I sometimes play with the children. Don’t think it even has head tracking support too.

And there will never be more because some entitled little brats mobbed the creators out of the whole god damn industry for taking an exclusive deal 🖕

Launch parameters

Like most games does this one also not detect a screen layout but only the primary display on a Linux PC so it won’t offer the maximum resolution possible e.g. with a triple head setup đŸ–Ĩī¸đŸ–Ĩī¸đŸ–Ĩī¸. This can be worked around in multiple ways, e.g. with configuring a virtual desktop in the WINEPREFIX, by adding a virtual monitor to the system or simply by making use of gamescope, the SteamOS session compositing window manager.

Here is an example how games may be started from Steam by adding the following commands to the start parameters (That’s basically the same for e.g. Lutris btw).

gamescope -h 1200 -w 5760 -H 1200 -W 5760 -b -e – %command%

This is not needed if only one monitor is used for gaming.

I launch Rebel Galaxy Outlaw with Lutris using gamescope.


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In the beginning I did remap my X52 joystick to several virtual gamepads using MoltenGamepad before I noticed that tiny little dropdown in it’s launcher where it is possible to switch from gamepad to joystick. Boy did I feel stupid but frankly that is the first game I know of that does distinct between those two input methods. A rather weird design choice IMHO.

This image is from a test placement to see how the Primary Buffer Panel would look and feel before everything was wired up again.

Playing some RGO while having btop showing system resources
Playing some RGO while having btop showing system resources