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Learning how to fly in Star Citizen in an asteroid field
Learning how to fly in Star Citizen in an asteroid field

Primary Buffer Panel

Star Citizen does not export any kind of API to fiddle with. Sadly I doubt it’ll ever happen. Heck they even added EAC recently and the moment someone even mentions this they get dogpiled by competitive players whining that this would make bots possible. No, this is not how computers work. Bots happen with or without a provided API.

Anyway, this is why I can not really show live game data on the MFD or control the status indicators properly. I can only guess based on button presses what they should currently display but that is off fast. Heck, even the game itself has broken status indicators, like stuck missile warnings or a broken Altimeter.

There are a bunch of videos showcasing Star Citizen with my Primary Buffer Panel on my YouTube and PeerTube accounts.

Launch parameters

This is one of the few games that I do not have on Steam for obvious reasons. Lutris has me covered though and the Star Citizen Linux User Group (LUG) does a very of a good job in maintaining the lug-helper scripts collection for easier installation and configuration of Star Citizen on Linux PC. It also takes care of the still persisting EAC issue for Linux gamer:

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Yeah no. Fck this 💩. Get on the hype train or leave it. Personally I got the Aurora starter package for my birthday and that’s it. It’s an awesome tech demo, a great walking simulator and a bug feast with a very… unhealthy community forum. It’ll also probably never finish.

I’ll keep watching from the sides but I won’t pour any money into this until the focus shifts more to simulation that is not even more PvP. This includes an often requested API.