Chapter 4

Other Cockpits

A lot of my inspiration and motivation comes from other simulated cockpits out there. Too many exist to list all (and at some point do most projects often go very quiet…) so I’ll keep this list restricted to mostly Space Pew Pew as this is my focus. I’m the only one doing all this crazy on a Linux PC though, from what I can tell.

  • C-Pit 101

    A collection of cockpit building how-to's and ideas

  • Creative Geek

    Come see my SimPit builds, and other games and play related maker things

  • Undead Parrot

    Guy from Finland who got carried away with building SimPits

  • Afterimage Flight

    Playing games using the ultimate Simpit setup. Including multiple viewpoint streams and teamplay.

  • Jarjar's

    Another Macross inspired SimPit

It’s fascinating to see other constructions and how everyone uses materials or software best known to them to scratch their own itch. Every SimPit is highly individual and made for a certain purpose. All unique and all beautiful in their own way. I hope mine inspires someone else to create someting very unique on their own too.