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AntiMicroX is a graphical program used to map gamepad keys to keyboard, mouse, scripts and macros. Whatever problem I throw at this it delivers.

  • Want to use that little thumb know on my throttle as mouse? AntiMicroX.
  • Have a game that only supports limited joystick buttons as gamepad? AntiMicroX.
  • Need to map some buttons to keyboard keys? AntiMicroX.
  • Want to control e.g. a media player via buttons? AntiMicroX.
  • Need a script executed on a button press? AntiMicroX.
  • Wand to create a SDL game controller mapping for Steam with comfort? AntiMicroX.
  • Need a deadzone on a joystick? AntiMicroX.
  • Want to invert some axis? Ah well… probably someday (Or I didn’t find out yet 🤓)

AntiMicroX in action
AntiMicroX in action

I maintain profiles to my liking for various games by now and use it often in tandem with MoltenGamepad.