Chapter 2

Version 1

1.0 HID Raspberry Pi Arwes CY-822A Node-RED OpenTrack 4.0

Obsolete content

This content was created for an older version and is outdated. Check version 2 for an up-to-date description!

Primary Buffer Panel v1 (the ugly)

The first version of the Primary Buffer Panel was a prototype made of cardboard. It’s an excellent forgiving material that allows for rapid prototyping. I played on this for almost two years and tweaked and extended it again and again. It was eventually disassembled and the parts salvaged for version 2

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I learned a lot during that time. Especially what I wanted from a cockpit (and what not). I totally recommend this approach especially when the own build is for Sci-Fi Pew Pew and not a reproduction of something that exists. This is because what we usually get to see in Sci-Fi movies or games looks awesome on first glance but is usually not functional at all. As in ergonomics, options or even overview. I’m not a designer but the shortcomings of most panels become obvious when trying to operate one in a realgame scenario where pushing buttons is not just for effect.